Year-on-Year Data and Structural Data

Investments by the Leasing Sector

Leasing Investments

Leasing Penetration Rates

Leasing Penetration Rates in Germany: Percentage of leasing in macro-economic investments or in equipment investments. The real estate penetration rate is covered statistically only since 1981.

Percentage of Externally Financed Investments Accounted for by Leasing

Almost fifty percent of all externally financed investments are made through leasing agreements.
The Ifo Institute for Economic Research has conducted an investigation into the use of external financing to fund investments. It examined ratios of external to internal financing, and also which capital providers investors were turning to. The Ifo Institute defined external financing as the raising of capital from an outside source by one of the following methods: (i) raising paid-in capital (e.g. from shareholders); (ii) funding through equity financing (e.g. through the issue of shares); financing by taking on debt (e.g. in the form of loans, public funding, or bank credits); (iv) leasing. In the Investment Surveys it conducted for the years from 1986 to 2001, the Ifo Institute looked at the different ways in which the manufacturing sector financed new investments in fixed assets.
Since the source of the data on which those surveys were based has not been available since 2002, the surveys of later years have been based on an estimation model. This model extrapolates the results obtained for the years 1988 to 2001 into the post-2002 calculations of annual leasing penetration rates in the equipment and real estate sectors, and the calculations of annual rates of growth in new business. The results obtained in this way have always been within one percentage point of the actual trend, which is a perfectly acceptable margin of error.

Asset Categories in the Leasing Sector

Share in the Leasing Business 2016, in percent

Customer Groups in the Leasing Sector

Share in the Leasing Business, in percent

Types of Equipment-Leasing Agreement

Share of Contract Types in the Equipment-Leasing New Business

Equipment-Leasing Sales Channels

Share of the Sales Channels in the Equipment-Leasing New Business