Specialists with Investment Expertise and a Feel for the Market

Market and Industry Expertise

As professional investors, leasing companies have an in-depth understanding of capital-goods markets and the advisability or otherwise of specific types of investment. They understand the specific characteristics and conditions of the object, they know its life cycle and the corresponding utilization possibilities and are able to anticipate the value of the course. By maintaining close contact with their customers, they have developed something of a sixth sense for trends on both the supply and the demand side. That means they have the flexibility to come up at short notice with solutions tailored exactly to the requirements of specific companies or industrial sectors. Increasingly they are assuming the role of consultative partners who help their customers to identify cost-saving potentials, and, through their provision of flexible leasing facilities, to optimize their cost structures.

Central Strategic Role

Leasing has come to play a central role in many companies’ corporate planning strategies, regardless of the prevailing macroeconomic climate. A much more important consideration than the ups and downs of the economic cycle is the dizzying rate at which technological innovation nowadays reduces the length of product cycles. Leasing provides companies with a flexible investment tool that allows them to keep up with the latest developments in the marketplace, and thus to sustain their own competitiveness.