Your Investment, Vendor-Leasing and Supplementary-Services Partners

The 150 companies that form the membership of the BDL generate more than more than 85 percent of the total volume of business transacted in the German leasing market, which in 2019 was worth 74.40.

The provider side of the leasing industry is as varied as the customer base that calls on its services. The market is divided up among a host of small and medium-sized leasing companies on the one hand, and large – sometimes multi-national – companies that often have links with banks or manufacturing companies on the other.

Many companies offer a broad-based range of leasing services, while others have chosen to specialize in real estate and large-scale items of equipment, or in a variety of niche leasing-service markets.

When you click on Who Leases What you can select companies’ specific fields of investment as a criterion for your search through the Directory of BDL Members. For a complete alphabetical listing of the BDL’s entire members please use the download button.