Associate Members

Companies that do not themselves offer leasing services, but whose business activities place them in close contact with the leasing sector, can enter into an associate membership with the BDL. The idea behind this associate membership facility is to promote interaction and the exchange of information between the leasing sector and companies / branches of industry that work together with it. The existence of strong relationships between individual leasing companies and their partners is key to the continuing success of the entire sector. The BDL is keen to see its general meetings and the other events it organizes for its members used as discussion forums.

The only precondition non-leasing companies have to meet in order to enter into an associate membership with the BDL is that they have active business relations with at least three BDL members. At present, nearly 90 refinancing institutes, software houses, legal and accountancy practices, seminar providers and consultancies are registered as associate members. Their annual subscriptions entitle them to make use of a range of services otherwise only available to full BDL member companies. These services include:

  • regular supply of information through the BDL’s circulars;
  • automatic subscription to certain of the Association’s publications (e.g. its Annual Reports, press releases, Trend Reports, and Business Climate Indices);
  • invitations to official BDL events (i.e. to annual conventions, to public meetings of work groups, and to various one-off events).

There is a Basis and a Plus Associate Membership option possible. On request, associate members can be listed in a BDL’s Directory.