Tasks and Services Performed by the BDL

Exclusive Representative of the German Leasing Industry

The Bundesverband Deutscher Leasing-Unternehmen e. V. (BDL) came into being in 2001, when its predecessor associations merged.Since then, it has been the only association dedicated exclusively to representing the interests of the German leasing industry. The origins of the BDL go back to 1972, when the older of the BDL’s two predecessors was set up by the pioneers of leasing in Germany.

Establishing a Level Playing Field

The Association’s primary objectives are to promote leasing in Germany, and to make sure that the interests of leasing companies and their customers are adequately protected. One of its key tasks is ensuring that existing and proposed fiscal, legal, commercial and economic mechanisms allow leasing companies in Germany to compete with other financial service providers on a level playing field. The BDL engages in dialogue with legislators and public authorities in order to ensure that Germany civil law is equitable in its treatment of leasing companies.In particular, it keeps a close eye on commercial, fiscal and regulatory legislation, and monitors the German government’s subsidization policies and practices.

Association Communications and Image Maintenance

As a body that engages in media and PR activities, the BDL is a dependable contact partner for companies, politicians, media representatives and members of the general public who take an interest in leasing-related matters. The Association focuses on providing accurate information about leasing in general, about the market for this financing product, and about the companies that provide leasing services. The BDL sees and positions leasing as an alternative to the traditional ways of financing capital goods. It keeps in close contact with other commercial sectors, in particular with the credit-services sector.

Wide-Ranging Services for Member Companies

Analysing and reporting on incoming information about current developments in the leasing market and the trading environment are among the most important services the BDL provides for its members. Specifically, it compiles practical guides on topics of particular interest (e.g. risk management, the calculation of intrinsic value) and organizes symposia and forums on leasing-related topics. It also offers a wide range of instruction courses and seminars tailored exactly to its members’ requirements.

Your First Port of Call for Information about German Leasing Companies’ International Activities

German leasing companies’ business interests outside Germany continue to gain in significance. Almost one third of the BDL’s members have expanded into foreign markets and the German leasing sector is represented in some 80 countries around the world. In response to this trend, and to the increasing volume of leasing-relevant legislation and guidelines emanating from Brussels as the extension of the EU and the harmonization of Europe’s national markets continue, the BDL has stepped up its international commitments. In recent years, it has been paying increased attention to safeguarding the foreign interests of the German leasing sector.This is also reflected in its membership of , the umbrella organization of the continent’s 26 national leasing associations.