The BDL Board

The General Assembly elects the members of the BDL Board, and, from the ranks of this board, the BDL President and his two Vice-Presidents. The individual members of the BDL Board must be either the owner or the managing director of a member company of the Association. They serve as spokespersons for the various groups represented in the Association (i.e. manufacturer- or bank-owned leasing companies or independent leasing companies). The BDL Board is responsible for all strategic planning. It also sets up technical committees to take charge of specialized tasks, and it appoints the members of these special-purpose committees.

Kai Ostermann - President

Chairman of the Management Board
Deutsche Leasing AG

Thomas Kolvenbach - Vice President

Managing Partner
COMCO Leasing GmbH

Maximilian Meggle – Vice President

Spokesman of the Management Board
MMV Leasing GmbH

Olaf Meyer

Managing Partner
Siemens Finance & Leasing GmbH

Marion Schäfer

Managing Partner
Miller Leasing Miete GmbH

Kerstin Scholz

Member of the Board
VR Smart Finanz AG

Andreas Werner

Managing Partner
Merca Leasing GmbH & Co. KG

Alexander Wiedenbach 

Managing Partner 
JobRad Leasing GmbH