Press Releases

  • BDL calls for decision to invest in the future
  • Leasing essential factor to sustainable and digital transformation
  • Industry survey indicates strong demand for investment in the energy turnaround
  • Leasing industry provides…
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Leasing Industry Delivers 70 billion Euro’s Worth of Investment

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  • Präsentation mit Zahlen zum Leasing-Markt 2021 
  • Marktbericht des Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft 
  • Rede-Manuskripte von BDL-Präsident Kai Ostermann und Hauptgeschäftsführerin Dr. Claudia Conen auf dem…
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In 2021 leasing companies financed 72 billion euro’s worth of future-oriented investments in Germany (+3.4 percent) /

Leasing industry finances more than a quarter of all investments in equipment /

Economy back on course for…

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COVID 19 Virus Takes its Toll on New Leasing Business in 2020 – but Equipment-Leasing Market Penetration Rate Climbs

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The Bundesverband Deutscher Leasing-Unternehmen (German Leasing Association) elects its new Management Board | Position paper ahead of September’s federal election calls for reduction in red tape and greater support for SMEs

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