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In 2022 the 140 or so companies that make up the membership of the BDL generated some 70 billion euro’s worth of leasing business, which accounted for more than 85 percent of the value of the German leasing market. The structures that exist in the leasing sector are in many ways a reflection of Germany’s corporate landscape. More than half of all leasing companies have fewer than 15 employees, and around three quarters have fewer than 50. One in three of the BDL’s member companies is managed by one sole director or general manager. Most frequently, these are companies that are run by their owner. Only a few leasing companies employ more than 500 members of staff, and not a single one has more than 1,500 employees. In total, the leasing industry has a workforce of around 14,000.

Customer Groups in the Equipment-Leasing Sector

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The leasing market is shared by broad-based universal providers, specialists for groups of goods or customer sectors, and experts for real estate and large-scale real estate leasing.

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Using the feature "Who leases what", you have the possibility to search for providers for specific object focuses (vehicle, machine, IT equipment, etc.). In addition, you can select according to activities abroad.

Associated Members

BDL offers associate membership to companies that do not operate a leasing business, but whose business activities are closely related to the leasing industry.

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