FLF - Finanzierung Leasing Factoring

For nearly 60 years, the German-language magazine FLF Finanzierung Leasing Factoring (originally entitled Die Teilzahlungswirtschaft) has been observing and commenting on events in the leasing sector. The FLF magazine is published by BDL andBankenfachverband as well as byDeutsche Factoring Verband.

The present-day title of the publication speaks for itself. The articles contained in the six editions of the magazine that appear each year deal with developments in the German economy as a whole, and in the financial-services sector.New fiscal, supervisory and civil laws and regulations are discussed, court rulings are analysed, and comment is provided on developments in the legal, business-management and technological fields that could have an impact on financial-services markets. Feature articles on what is happening in the rest of Europe also appear regularly in the magazine, as do items of company news, articles dealing with specialist literature, and information about the activities of the Associations that publish the magazine.

The FLF maintains close contacts with academic and research institutes such as the Forschungsinstitut für Leasing Research institute for leasing at the University of Cologne The magazine thus serves as a forum for informed debate on the technical aspects of leasing, sales-financing, investment-financing, and factoring services, and on current developments in these markets.