Market Figures for the Leasing Industry

The BDL has for decades published annual investment statistics with data documenting the volumes of new leasing business being transacted. 


Leasing Industry: Almost 70 Billion Euros in New Business in 2020

In the crisis-ridden Corona year 2020, the sector realized investments of just under 70 billion euros for companies in Germany. In addition to passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the main items leased are machinery, IT equipment and software as well as other equipment.

Due to the crisis, many companies had put their investments on hold. But those that did invest increasingly used leasing to do so. The equipment leasing ratio therefore rose to 25.2 %.

The Leasing-Market

The ifo Institute’s Reading of the Leasing Climate

The Munich-based ifo Economic Research Institute carries out regular business surveys. Its findings are published in its monthly Business Climate Index, which includes an entire section devoted to the state of the leasing industry. Its assessments of the business climate in the finance-leasing sector are based on reports received from leasing companies about their current situations and their perception of their business prospects over the coming six months.

The ifo business-climate reading for the leasing sector