Leasing Research

Research Institute for Leasing
The University of Cologne’s Research Institute for Leasing has been conducting research into the theoretical underpinnings of leasing for more than 25 years now. It engages in detailed analyses of various topics (e.g. the benefits of leasing), and also monitors current issues and developments. The thrust of its research effort is the investigation of new theoretical and practical approaches that can move leasing forward by promoting innovation and dynamism in the industry. Leasing-specific topics are also covered in a number of the study courses offered by the University of Cologne.

The Institute is independent, and its activities are purely academic.It is supported by a sponsoring association which is itself financed out of the subscriptions and contributions of the companies, public corporations, trade associations and private individuals that make up its membership. This body subscribes to the same values and aspirations as the BDL; indeed, several leasing institutions are members of both associations.

Engaging in intensive dialogue with leasing practitioners is one of the Research Institute’s top priorities.It sees an effective two-way flow of information as valuable in itself, and also as a catalyst with the potential to trigger all kinds of research projects. The BDL is energetic in its support of the Institute’s goals and day-to-day work. In the past, it has participated successfully with the Institute in various joint projects.

The University of Cologne’s Research Institute for Leasing is the only institution of its kind in Germany or, indeed, in Europe. The head of the Research Institute is the tenured Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartmann-Wendels, who succeeded the Institute's founding director, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans E. Büschgen, in 2002.